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  • Wonderful!

    "Thank You for your excellent service, we appreciate your happy style - wonderful"

    - Molly Vlach (American Embassy Tanzania)

  • Excellent

    "Excellent, saw so many animals, very close"

    From : Pam Parmer - American Embassy, Tanzania

  • Fun

    "It was very fun, probably my favourite part of my Africa trip this far. Thank you Skylink Safari"

    From : Abhinav Sharma (U.S.A)

  • Amazing Arrangement


    "Elizabeth is amazing! She's patient, responsive, very quick on emails and very helpful in identifying the right holiday spot for me"
    From: Yosabeth Weldemedhin
  • Par Excellence


    "The services received from Skylink was par excellence! We had a memorable trip at a very reasonable price."
    From: Mr. Satish Shah
  • No Complaints


    "The trip itself was fantastic, and the Skylink arrangements went perfectly. No complaints. Thanks so much!"
    From:Cathy Nguyen
  • Good Service

    The service provided was excellent. The hotel was very good, food excellent. I would recommend to everyone to use Skylink services. They are reliable." From: Maya Chelidze 

  • Great Safari

    "Overall a great Safari! Ramadhani and Frank were great drivers/guides"

    From : Jayesh Shah (India)

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