About Uniglobe

Global Reach & Synergy

As part of a network of over 700 agencies, UNIGLOBE provides sophisticated leading edge services only a global enterprise can offer. Last year our global travel- spend was CAD$2.6 billion hence our ability to leverage our buying power especially in the air and hotel areas.

Service Delivery

In order for UNIGLOBE to be a travel management leader, we need to ensure that we are capable of providing every possible travel service to our clients. For these services to be of true value to our clients we need to have rigorous systems and policies in place. The ultimate goal is to provide a seamless, prompt, superior and accurate service. In this section of our proposal, we outline the services, systems and policies on which our agency is based.

Expert Professional Assistance

Our people are professionals; they are carefully screened and trained in our ongoing system-wide training courses; they are well qualified to serve our clients.

Qualified Consultant

Our people are objective in expressing opinions when counselling clients and are careful to avoid misrepresentation and overstatement.

Service & Performance

Our people have the experience and background to find the most appropriate and most economical service to fulfil a client’s needs, and exercise care and discrimination in the choice of travel facilities offered to the client.

Full Integrity

UNIGLOBE offices are trained to conduct business with fairness and integrity; our advertising is truthful and fairly describes the qualities of travel services and accommodations offered, free of misleading statements or inferences; every transaction with a client is confidential

Up to Date

Our people receive continuing input on trends and developments in the travel industry and are up-to-date on travel services.

UNIGLOBE® TRAVEL MANAGER ‘Leading edge travel technology & reporting tools’

As technology plays such an integral role in the travel industry today, Uniglobe have, and will continue, to invest in our own proprietary software. Our product is called ‘UNIGLOBE® TRAVEL MANAGER’ it enhances service to our clients, at all levels. These products also allow our staff the capability of instant access to all suppliers and cost savings through the Central Reservations System (scheduled airlines, hotel, car and rail) and other web-based products (internet agents, consolidators and low-cost airlines). They include:


With UNIGLOBE Travel Manager we have combined sophisticated computer technology with hands-on involvement to ensure that our clients receive the lowest possible airfare and the maximum travel policy compliance. With over a million airfare changes every day, it is important to use advanced technology and experienced travel professionals for effective travel management. From the time a reservation is made, our Quality Control System will perform generic tests at regular intervals on every booking right through until departure. A few examples of the numerous tests it carries out are:
  • Waitlist clearance
  • Fare checks, alerting your consultant to any cheaper fares that may become available
  • Visa check
  • Preferred seat allocation
  • Account Specific Tests as required, i.e. ensuring we have purchase order number, embargoes and Travel Policy compliance.


Accesses over 650 airlines and more than 50,000 hotels. A complete management system for the maintenance and distribution of UNIGLOBE®’s negotiated fares from airlines with real-time updating for new deals or amendments to existing deals. These websites include all scheduled airlines, airfare consolidators and Internet agencies; such as Expedia. It then returns the results to your UNIGLOBE consultant enabling them to offer you the cheapest fare in the quickest time. Travel Consultants can monitor your company’s Travel Policy and enable the Travel Managers to implement it using route deals and comparing them to others that are available.


This program is designed to compete against the likes of hotels.com, Travelocity, orbitz, etc. and is for specific types of clients who do not mind pre-paying their hotel in advance, and rarely make changes. It is not for every client, and sometimes GDS or the UNIGLOBE Worldwide Hotel Program rates might be better. The UNIGLOBE Hotel Exclusives program is yet another tool UNIGLOBE can offer our clients


  • 20 - 70% off rack rates - tax inclusive
  • Liberal cancellation policy: 6pm day of arrival
  • Over 8,000 hotel properties participating, a hotel for every type of traveller - from 5 star resorts to budget city hotels.
  • On-line reporting for the agency
  • Live availability of hotels
  • Complements UNIGLOBE World-wide Hotel Program - good for both corporate and leisure travellers

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