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Secrets Sites in New York City

Secrets Sites in New York City

Check out some secret sites in New York City!

1) Berlin Wall, Manhattan

You will be surprised finding the remnants of the Berlin Wall in the middle of a Manhattan Courtyard. New York has secured its piece of German history with two sections of the wall on public display.

2) Alice is Wonderland, Central Park

alice in wonderland
Central Park perfectly indulges childhood dreams by tucking away the statue of Alice in Wonderland, The Mad Hatter, The March Hare, The Cheshire Cat and The Dormouse.

3) Whispering Galleries, Grand Central Station

whispering gallery
If you and your partner stand at a corner diagonally separated by a stream of commuters at the Grand Central Concourse attempting to whisper something to each other, you will hear their voice, clear as day. It’s all down to the sound waves clinging to the walls.

4) Roosevelt Island Aerial Tramway

Catch the sight of beautiful views of Manhattan and the East River together with the novelty of a cable car ride.

5) Love quotes in Central Park

Walk along Central Park and notice a plaque inscribed on benches. Benches on Central Park have been adopted with personal quotes. Begin the search for your favorite one!

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