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Things to Know Before Travelling International

Things to Know Before Travelling International

Travelling abroad for the first time? Or maybe your last trip wasn’t as planned as you thought it was, here’s a few things you should do or bring before your trip.


Security & Health

  • Check-in with your doctor. Make sure that you have all the proper vaccinations and no pending prescriptions.
  • Bring copies of your passport. Just incase your passport gets stolen, you still have an identity to enter your country.


  • Look up the currency exchange rates. Make sure you have an idea of where the conversion rate is at.
  • Always have local cash. You can’t use your credit card everywhere, like on buses and trains.

Local Research

  • Buy tickets of places you want to visit in advance to avoid long queues and find more deals.
  • Research events going on while you’re there. This will ensure you don’t miss out best events going on in the city.


  • Bring a charger adapter. Some countries have different plug sizes, you want to ensure you can charge your electronics.


  • Pack extra clothes in your carry-on luggage. Incase your luggage got misplaced, you can still freshen up.
  • Bring snacks. Eating can become a task in foreign countries. Bringing small snacks can help suffice hunger until you can find the perfect restaurant or food cart

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