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Zanzibar Escapade


Whether you are traveling to the same place for the first time or going there again and again. There is always the excitement, of a getaway for some time. Getting away from the same old boring routine, to express new feelings and explore new places.



Travelling isn’t about where you are going, that is just part of it. Mainly, It’s all about the journey.
The excitement of planning your trip, of getting the tickets in your hands, of packing your bags, of hurrying to catch that next flight, of exploring some strange different place far away from home can be such a fresh breath of air, because let’s all face it, sometimes we can feel so suffocated that we just need something new to face before we explode.

Truth is, there is always a little bit of Dora the Explorer in us.

The vast green lands in Zanzibar mesmerized me on our long drive to Kiwengwa (a town which was one hour away from Zanzibar town). It was so amazing I couldn’t stop looking , wishing I had that long lasting Nikon camera in my hand and Capture every single moment. The lands were so fresh and green that they made me think beyond my horizon, made me dream of all the different beautiful places that I could go, there was this moment that made me realize that maybe this was just the start, because there was way more to come -I could feel it. And this time, I promised myself I will have that NIKON!


One thing I learnt in the midst of the Forodhani is that life is about letting yourself go. Free of stress, free of the mess. So what if I get Food Poison tomorrow? This moment is about now, and if I want to eat that delicious looking mouthwatering ‘Zanzibari Pizza’ then I sure as hell will have it, because this moment isn’t about to come back again. And let me tell you the taste was much more amazing than I imagined (and no I did not get food poison). Getting lost in the buzzing crowd, breathing in air of different kinds of food and looking out at the sea at 2100hrs at night was just so amazing I can’t explain the feeling. You just have to experience it on your own to understand it completely.

On my flight back home, I wanted to go back again and do the things that I did and also do more –maybe even try those Nutella pizzas that I didn’t get a chance to. Do different things that are beyond my comfort zone. Such as sleeping in a 200 year old building which might or might not have been haunted ; opposite another much older building which might have been more haunted, eat a $25 burger in a five star hotel (and try as hard as  not to regret it), and walk again so much that my legs hurt so bad until I can’t help but appreciate more than anything the gift of sitting down and relaxing.

Although, as exciting as it gets, there is always a feeling of homesickness, whether it’s a five-star hotel or a two star motel, there is always that feeling of missing your bed and the smell that comes with it which only defines the word HOME (and please tell me that THAT did not sound weird at all). It makes you appreciate more than anything, that there is always somewhere you can always go back to. Someplace that you can call your own.

zanzibar forodhani

Looking down from the airplane from the island made me realize one more thing, that if people really wanted to know if they lived life to the fullest. Then the tickets bought should be countless. And at that moment, I was more than happy to realize that I help people plan their road to wonderful memories at different places.

We don’t just sell places, we sell memories. And It’s more than an honor to be the one making it possibly memorable.

Happy moments come in small doses. So my advice – Grab them while you can, when you can. We all have to try something different once in a while, so take a time out of your busy schedule, buy a ticket and get away.

Stop thinking of the circumstances.
Memories that live forever are made when one stops thinking and just let go…

Story Credit: Ms. Farah Rayes
Photo Credit: Mr. Siddharth Jain

Categories: Travel Diaries, Travel Destinations

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