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The most reliable way to get around Dar-es-Salaam


Tanzania's first radio booking service that offers safe, reliable and fast rides to their customers without any hassle.


FASTA FASTA is Tanzania’s first radio booking service which was launched on 8th December 2015. These services were launched by Mr. Mohammed R.A Mpinga (Deputy Commissioner of Police Commanding Officer Traffic).

It is a mobile technology that requires a user to download the application that enables them to book a cab or boda boda without any hassle.

They also offer airport pick up or drop off services for travelers running late or emergency travel.

FASTA FASTA makes sure to get appropriate details to verify their drivers so as to ensure the safety of their passengers.

No more flagging your hands to stop a taxi or entering an unfamiliar car. It is the most convenient way to get a safe, reliable and affordable ride provided to passengers 24x7.

Other services offered are:

  • fixed and affordable price per kilometre
  • no haggling discussions before taking a ride
  • convenient payment options like cash, mobile money & payment through e-wallet

FASTA FASTA's vision is to spread these services across Tanzania within a year time.


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These are some important tips!

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